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food and drink What should pregnant women avoid?

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Food and drink for pregnant women It is a matter that must be very careful. Because certain foods can make pregnant women sick. In addition, it will affect the pregnant mother. It may also affect the fetus in the womb. But the food and drink Pregnant women should avoid. What is there? We have brought this together.

Pregnant women should avoid These foods and beverages
when you are pregnant It should be noted that there are certain foods and beverages that should be avoided. Because when you eat it, it can make you sick. Or harmful to the unborn baby, so the food and drink that What should pregnant women avoid?

fish high in mercury
Mercury is a highly toxic compound. and can be found most commonly in wastewater. High mercury levels can be neurotoxic. immune system and kidneys when pregnant women are exposed to mercury It can cause serious developmental problems in children. Because mercury is often found in the sea. As a result, large marine fish tend to accumulate high levels of mercury. good way pregnant women Therefore, the consumption of high-mercury fish should be limited to no more than 1-2 servings per month. For fish that are high in mercury include:

- shark
- Otter
- Mackerel
- Tuna, especially longfin tuna (Albacore Tuna)

However, it is important to note that different types of fish contain different amounts of mercury. Consuming low-mercury fish during pregnancy is healthy. And these fish can be eaten up to twice a week. In addition, fatty fish are omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for the unborn baby.

Undercooked or raw fish
raw fish, especially shellfish It can cause a variety of infections. It can be viruses, bacteria or parasites. These infections can affect mothers. makes the body dehydrated and weak other infections may also be passed on to the unborn child. This can have serious consequences, even death.

pregnant woman Especially at risk of Listeria infection, in fact, expectant mothers are 20 times more likely to get Listeria than the general population. This can be found in contaminated soil, water and plants. Raw fish can become infected during processing.

Literature It can be passed on to the fetus through the placenta. Although the mother may not show any symptoms of illness. Once infected, it can result in premature labor, miscarriage, stillbirth and other health problems. Therefore, pregnant women should avoid raw fish and shellfish. including sushi dishes

Cheese made from milk with a high concentration of cream (Soft Cheese)
Consuming cheeses made with unpasteurized milk It can be fatal to the baby and the baby, so it's best to avoid consuming this cheese. but if necessary, it must be consumed It should be cooked thoroughly. And it should be heated all the time.

undercooked meat
It is best to eat fully cooked meat during pregnancy. This is because raw or undercooked meat may harbor bacteria. and when going out to eat Make sure the meat you're eating is hot and cooked thoroughly.

fresh juice
Freshly squeezed juices in the restaurant may not have been sterilized To prevent harmful bacteria, look for the necessary warning labels and avoid them. Pregnant women should also opt for sterile juices, such as those in the carton. or packed in sealed bottles

raw eggs
Raw eggs can be contaminated with Salmonella, resulting in fever, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. In some cases, the infection can cause uterine cramps. which leads to premature birth Foods that contain raw eggs include:

- soft-boiled eggs
- homemade mayonnaise
- salad dressing
- Homemade ice cream

If the eggs have been sterilized considered safe to consume However, you should read the label. to always be sure

Organ meats
Animal organs are a source of many nutrients, including iron, vitamin B12, vitamin A and copper, all of which are essential for pregnant women and their unborn children. However, taking too much vitamin A from animal sources during pregnancy. This is something that should be avoided. This is because vitamin A can cause toxicity in pregnancy. In addition, excessive consumption of copper May cause abnormally high levels of copper in the body This results in birth defects and liver toxicity. Therefore, pregnant women should not consume animal organs more than once a week.

Raw Cookie Dough
when you are baking cookies You may need to add a small amount of raw flour. which if the flour contains raw eggs It may also increase your risk of salmonella infection. To be safe, you should not taste raw cookie dough. or not yet baked would be best

Caffeine is a neuroprotective agent, so pregnant women should limit their caffeine intake to less than 200mg per day, or about 2-3 glasses, as caffeine can be absorbed quickly. It can also be easily passed through the placenta to the fetus. which may affect the growth of the fetus and increase the risk of low birth weight as well When a baby has a low birth weight It may also increase the risk of infant death.

Homemade Tiramisu
because of tiramisu including other desserts made by myself Usually has raw eggs as an ingredient. Which is not suitable for mothers who are pregnant, so if you want to consume these desserts Buying from a store would be the safest way. But first make sure that The label states that sterilized

Raw milk and unpasteurized cheese
Raw milk and unpasteurized cheese There may be many latent harmful bacteria such as Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli, and Campylobacter. These infections can affect the life of the unborn baby. Sterilizing these with heat is the most effective method. but to reduce the risk of infection of pregnant women Only sterilized milk and cheese should be consumed.

Pregnant women should avoid drinking alcohol. This is because drinking alcohol increases the risk of miscarriage. and childbirth Even a small amount of alcohol has a negative effect on the brain development of the fetus. It has also been associated with facial deformities. heart defects and mental retardation of the fetus as well


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