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Did you know? Even if I work from home and can't go anywhere But vacation is still important!

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It's something that many people wouldn't have expected that covid-19 will stay with us for this long, and at this time, it's still unpredictable how long the epidemic will stay with us. causing many people of working age who have been working from home for months out of boredom, having to stay at home And even more uncomfortable because there are almost no new activities left to do. Staying at home for too long and stressful Anything that they say can cure boredom, try to do everything. Doing several rounds as well

In addition, many people probably feel similarly that even when we work from home Don't be in a hurry to wake up early in the morning Don't waste time traveling Secretly lingering at work appropriately But I feel as tired as working at the office. Inadvertently, I feel even more tired than going to work at the office. That's because working from home makes it harder to set boundaries between work and personal time. As a result, we have to work longer. because there is no need to waste time traveling or making trips on the way home Some people feel that they still have to work even if it's on vacation or outside of work.

That means working from home. It may make many people feel that they have less time to rest. Like a holiday doesn't really exist! If you are one of those who feel that way It might be time for you to take a break. Still, that rest may require more planning. where we are confined to a more restricted area than usual And cut off from the outside world for a long time, such as going to the movies, playing sports, or going to a friend's birthday party.

The only likely way to get a vacation from serious work is to “Vacation leave” Yes! Take a vacation when you can't go anywhere But you can plan activities that you want to do while at home. and keep what you call “work” hidden for now. Vacation can improve productivity. Leave to rest to recharge yourself. You'll temporarily be away from tasks that you feel are taking up too much of your life, giving you a break, stress relief. which when you feel better You will come back to work better there.

6 Reasons You Need to Take Vacation at WFH and Can't Go Out
It's been almost 2 years since we've lived a very difficult life in the midst of an epidemic situation. It's stressful enough to just consume news on a daily basis. Still repeating with WFH until it feels like there is no time to rest. (Because many bosses think that you can work comfortably at home. You can secretly linger as you like. You don't need a lot of breaks) and you can't go anywhere. How not to be stressed Workers should have time to take a break from their physical work in order to have (real) time to recharge. and didn't go anywhere You still have the right to take vacation.

1. In order to have some downtime!
Even if it's WFH and Saturday - Sunday is your holiday. But have you ever really taken a break from work if the answer is no! It's like you're working all the time without realizing it. If this goes on for a long time, you'll feel like a two-day weekend. Not enough to make you feel less tired. Because you haven't stopped working your life for a day.

If you choose to apply for vacation You'll get a vacation that's longer than two days, and during that time you can plan how to get yourself some serious rest. to recharge energy So, check to see how many vacation days you're eligible for this year. Because it's time for you to use your leave! Consider the leave period well. If you leave during a weekend or a public holiday You will get more time to rest. benefit yourself

2. In order to resign (temporarily) from the position of "work lovers"
Two main reasons why many people refuse to apply for vacation are fear of having to return to work. which those jobs are jobs that no one can do instead So they piled up together during their absence. and fear that requesting time off during this time It may seem that you are not devoted enough to your work. Working at home is comfortable and still wanting to take a vacation. until finally stopped for a long time (because of being fired) during this bad economy

But you can alleviate those worries if you plan carefully. during your absence The work that can be done in advance is gradually done as much as possible. So that you will not be tired and put too much pressure on yourself. What tasks cannot be done in advance? to prioritize tasks What work must be done immediately after the end of the leave? Then set a schedule for following the work. This will help you get back to work faster, less stress, and show that you're a dedicated employee.

But if you have work to do while you're away Consider getting help from a colleague to work for you during that time. You will also work for them when they are on vacation.

3. In order to have some serious vacation with him
As you feel that your weekends are non-existent. But if you consider applying for vacation This is the time for you to have some real time off with him, but you may have to work hard to finish up your pending days before you take your leave. So that no one will have to worry about the work that you have left. It also looks responsible, but it looks like it's worth choosing to be tired before taking a break. If the break that says is to really rest, there is no work to get involved in the headache at all.

This means that if you really want to take a break from work, the only condition you have to do is: Temporarily keep your work from yourself. Let all those who work with you know that you were taking leave at that time, so don't expect you to contact them during that time. If there is an urgent matter Instead, contact the person concerned. You should then turn off notifications from the discussion groups, sign out of the online platform of the company you maintain. (But must have someone to take care of instead) temporarily keep the work out of the way first Then turn to make the most of your vacation time.

4. In order to stop acknowledging/communicating about work
The feeling is similar to when you're depressed because you're consuming too much social media drama. That you have to work the kind that the holidays don't exist. No need to sit and work Just having to be aware of work from various job chat groups can unknowingly damage your mental health. Saturday and Sunday, there is still a story behind the shadow. Late at midnight, I still have to get up and read the work order chat again. Understand that in some cases it may be a force majeure, but there are quite a few incidents like this happening normally. Who can handle this forever?

When you feel that your mental health is deteriorating, anxious, or depressed because of your overuse of negative news, you need to find ways to limit your news consumption to heal your mind. You can refuse to be aware of the work. But you have to make sure that all work has been cleared before. You are absolutely unaware of the new work. until returning to work as usual This is a real vacation.

You should limit the amount of time you spend on your phone or computer during your vacation. If you really want this vacation to be a holiday, you don't have to do the same thing as you do at work. Unfortunately, some people stare at screens all day!

5. In order to get a break from the normal everyday life
that we live a normal life every day The type of waking up to do daily activities and then sit and work. and unable to go out and open his eyes anywhere else Makes you feel exhausted, tired, and extremely unrefreshed! Because it's boring to live the same life every day. There's nothing exciting about it, so taking a vacation is a pretty good solution. You'll have time to take a break from your daily routine. In fact, as long as you've planned what you're going to do during your vacation, you'll be happy. because of the past You've been a long time away from planning your vacation. (It's not going anywhere)

Vacation is about giving your brain a break from work and a break from the constant pressure. If you're on vacation, you need to find activities that make you feel "feel good." didn't go anywhere Some people see their family 24 hours a day until they feel stressed. feel no personal life Makes maybe you want to have some alone time. If you intend to take a vacation Start planning what to do with your leave. Take it for fun like never before.

6. In order to find new activities that have never been done before
Humans are usually curious about new things that they have never done. And will be very excited when trying new things. Because it's normal for people to be bored with the same things that have to be repeated every day. Work is one of those things you do over and over every day, so try to find ways to recharge your energy by finding creative new activities. like you've never done before will help you feel better and truly rest This can be done alone or with friends (online). Remember to keep your distance.


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Re: Did you know? Even if I work from home and can't go anywhere But vacation is still important!

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Been trying for a few weeks to find these sets and nada.

Would 106 be the next best choice, the cave/shmup and CPS stuff going to FBA .40?

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Re: Did you know? Even if I work from home and can't go anywhere But vacation is still important!

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Re: Did you know? Even if I work from home and can't go anywhere But vacation is still important!

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