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How to! Work from home to be healthy, not gain weight, easy tips, just choose to eat.

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I have to admit that the situation with COVID-19 Many people still have to work from home. and say goodbye to doing various activities with the gang, including shopping during lunch break Digestion walk with a gang of friends The only thing he could do right now was to stay home. to reduce the spread of the virus And of course, working from home makes moving your body less. In addition to any house that likes to stock up on snacks and food, it can cause sudden weight gain. So, would it be better if we had a trick in choosing to eat good things into the body? for good health and the weight does not jump fit and firm To be ready to dress smartly to work when the situation is normal, here are 3 easy tips for choosing Giffarine's style.

Watch out for flour and sugar. Ready to add fiber to the meal: Of course, when at home. Many people may be bored and anxious. So I searched for a dessert menu. increase blood sugar relieve stress So if you want to eat flour Instead, turn to refined flour like brown rice, brown rice, or whole wheat bread. Freshen up the body with honey lemon. and if anyone wants to eat more fiber and want the excretory system to work better Try to find a good helper like Giffarine, phyto-fiber, soluble fiber. Combined with natural extracts A variety of fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, oranges, mixed berries and pomegranates, are loaded with soluble fibers such as acacia and oats, beta-glucans, polydextrose, psyllium, ask, etc. as a fiber booster. in the digestive system and stimulates excretion Promote normal functioning of the excretory system. Easy to drink as it smells of honey and is refreshing with powdered lemon.

Don't let your body lack protein: Nutrition principles suggest that healthy working-age people need 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight, so each meal should contain good protein, such as eggs, fish, chicken, beans, and tofu to build muscle. Because if the body lacks protein, it will cause muscle deterioration easily. More importantly, protein will help us feel fuller for longer and reduce cravings for snacks during the day. especially the vegan who want to reduce meat consumption Most of them have to cook their own food. Good helpers like Giffarine, Vegan, Multi Plant, Protein, Plant Protein Products. That has the distinction of bringing protein from the best source is protein extracted from soybeans. imported from USA and protein extracted from golden peas not genetically modified Imported from France into one, including calcium and vitamin D. Contains complete essential amino acids for muscle building which is different from normal soy milk Because of the extraction of fat, there is no fat, lactose and cholesterol. Use the sweetener instead of sugar "Erythritol" which can enhance the deliciousness even more by cooking it into a variety of drink menus. Can drink without worrying about sugar and provide protein that can be absorbed quickly make the body able to use it fully

Eat Full but Low Calories: 2 Iron Rules to Remember in the Era of Comfort Served to Us If you don't want your body weight to skyrocket. Because when we are hungry, we will eat large amounts of food. It is important that we eat to be full. But have to choose foods that are low in calories. Therefore, if possible avoid fast food. And turn to ordering useful food or ordering fresh food, vegetables, fruits, including popular drinks, bubble tea, various sweet drinks. If you are addicted and drink every day, it will not be good. Let's find a drink instead. It's a useful drink item like Giffarine Vita, a corn-flavored instant cereal drink without sugar. It can be a simple snack menu and full stomach because in 1 sachet is full of various grains such as rice, wheat, corn, soybeans and malt extract and is supplemented with whey protein, dietary fiber, oligofructose that Healthy in 1 sachet provides 100 kcal of energy, which is considered as an alternative snack to serve on the stomach.

Try to follow 3 simple tips during work from home. Just choose to eat good things. Serving your body. Just this. Guarantee that no matter how long you work from home, you won't lose weight. and may be fit and firm and healthier than before

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